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Clomid (clomiphene citrate)

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Company: Uni-Pharma
Generic Name: clomiphene citrate
Description: Clomid is one of the most famous fertility medications. This is because it is most frequently used. Almost 25% of female infertility issues involve a problem with ovulation.
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10 tablets (1tab/50mg) 30.00 USD 25.00 USD
3 x 10 tablets (1tab/50mg) 60.00 USD 55.00 USD
5 x 10 tablets (1tab/50mg) 100.00 USD 85.00 USD


Known by women intending to deal with infertility issues, Clomid belong to the fertility medications group. It has garnered positive interests from many women with almost 25% of them seeking ovulation solutions from it. Still living out to its brand name, Clomid is classification name is Clomiphene Citrate.

While Clomid is regarded as one of the most celebrated fertility medications in women, if proper consultation is not conducted, its massive benefits may not be harvested. It doesnt require a lot of information when taking, according to various user reviews, it is cost effecting, it is in the form of pills when compared to other drugs shipped in form of injections and thus why it is said to be easily taken. The side effects associated with Clomid are not that common and its effectiveness is 80% proven whereby stimulation of ovulation has been one of its benefits.

Where to buy Clomids Clomifen Citrate? Well you can buy Clomids Clomifen Citrate with and enjoy reduced affordable price.

For those who have very little information on Clomid, you should realize that the medicine can be sold under various brand names such as Clomiphene and Serophene. It doesnt matter whether you have been taking any of the brand names because the benefits are the same. Purchasing the medicine from an FDA approved steroid shop is recommendedand thus why, the online steroid store lists as the best option.

The work of Clomid in the body is to help in recovering the natural testosterone production after steroid use. Incidentally, steroid users can improve testosterone production through Clomid although its other medical benefits have been linked to lessened gynecomastia whereby such cases are reported when aromatizable steroids have been used regularly. Some findings indicate that the drug has also been associated with the production of LH, but according to confirmed medical evidence, Clomid is not linked to stimulating the hypothalamus and pituitary but rather jams their reserve of estrogen. Remember that buying Clomids Clomifen Citrate with opens you to other opportunities such as educative materials that will promote various benefits like understanding more about the medicine before you take it.

As a mixed estrogen that acts as an activator and or blocker, Clomid has been associated with various activities in the body such as acting as an enemy in some body tissues. Note that the cofactor within the tissue doesnt mean that its connection is affirmed and thus why it has been said that the drug could work as an activator since the cofactors tend to bind. The issue here is to understand how Clomid functions in the body before you start taking it, the various side effects associated with it among other factors and this can be achieved by communicating the information to your doctor, who will in return provide you with the necessary answers.Note that Clomid should only be taken under the prescribed conditions and patient despite its numerous benefits.

As an antagonist of the hypothalamus inside the breast tissue, it also means that the medicine could present the same favorable results in the bone tissue whereby it would work to improve the cholesterol levels in blood. During activity, muscle tissue pain can also be reduced. But in order to maximize its applications, you are required to maintain the doctors instructions on the dosage such the 50 mg recommended that can be taken for a period of five days, or depending on your confirmed steroid therapy where the days could alternate. For this reason, you should not be worried if the doctor decides to prescribe different intervals in your case

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